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((I hate thinking a plot idea is really nifty and realizing after I start threading that if I keep going I'm seriously going to screw up my character. Mogget-mun, Kaa-mun, Konzen-mun, sorry I flaked out on our threads, I needed some time away from the monkey's plot, to figure out how to fix what I'd done. I promise to make it work in character, without a retcon and everything. just not till sunday, cause I work at a bookstore, and well, it's the Apotterclypse))

Jul. 2nd, 2007

((Grrrr. I finally got the comment screening turned off on nft, sorry to anyone's who's comment's have been eaten, because I didn't catch that.))
((In case you haven't seen it, there's a bunch of us plotting to go to war. Now I ask, what good is a war if you know all the sides?

I would like to take this opportunity to invite any and all to join nft_nexus and its sister comm nft_ooc. If you're seeing this post, than you are one of the folks I'd love to see involved. If you're seeing this post, than I trust your choice in RP partners, and encourage you to bring friends. And since I also trust your taste in RP enemies, I encourage you to bring us fodder to stand on the front lines. And if someone can manage to get sparkly-sue-fairy-girl involved and killed, I'll love you for all kinds of forever. If anyone has any questions on how to get their characters involved (we have some of the big need-to-happen plot points mapped, just to give us direction, but we'd like to make this as big and far reaching of a plot as we can, and for that we need more people), you can drop me a line here, jump into the above linked post, or make a new thread to the ooc comm.WE WANT YOU!!!))

((EDIT the First- for some potental plottings check out the memories of nft_nexus it's not everything, and some of it is only tangentially relevant, but I'm a librarian at heart, and would index anything even remotely related if I could find everything again))
If anybody is trying to reach me over IM, I'm returning to my old username, discokali, effective immediatly.
((from here))
Goku leads Kaa, through the temple, avoiding the monks, who may or may not have something to say about the large python. Goku's pretty sure they don't realise they're in the Nexus. He holds the door open to his room, for Kaa to enter.
::It's a beautiful day in the Nexus. Goku has found a nice open space in the park and is practicing his forms::
:: the force is strong with this one::

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