Son Goku (monkeyneedsfood) wrote,
Son Goku

I'm far to lazy to do proper cut text. Meme stolen from hypnosnake And I'm glad Goku has an actual canon, because if he were an OC, I'd so be accused of playing a Sue.

Age: 521 ish, 21 physically
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 112
Eyes: Gold
Hair: Brown

Medical Info: Goku is nearly indestructible when he's on his earth. With his diadem removed he can use the Earth's aura to regenerate. However, taking it off tends to result in lots of death for others. With the diadem on, he's just very strong, very fast and heals at an increased rate. To make things more interesting in the nexus, I've decreed that the longer he's away from his earth, the weaker his powers become, and the more draining being in his youkai form is, since his Earth is the source of his power.

Physical traits: Looks like a short goofy kid in his human form. He's got spikey brown hair, and his eye color marks him as a heretical being. He has a golden band around his head, that is made of concentrated divine power to seal his youkai form. When he's in his true form, he's short scary death. His hair is long and he has fangs, claws and pointy ears. He also has a youkai mark on his stomach that looks like a Chinese character, but I have no idea what it means. Or if in fact, it means anything.

What's Okay To Mention Around Him/Her: Pretty much anything, don't expect the responses to make total sense, he's a bit zen that way. There are things you don't do around him, such as try to kill his friends, or steal his food.

Abilities: Strength, Speed, a bottomless pit for a stomach (when you don't eat for 500 years you get hungry). He can summon his staff from thin air, and it changes shape to his will. As Seiten Taisei, he's faster the the human eye can see, can regenerate using the earth's power, reflect energy attacks. and as of Reload 7, he can control the weather to a degree.

Notes for the Psychics: If your pup can read non-humans and/or godlike beings, as Son Goku, he's pretty straight forward, he thinks about food, and fighting mostly. He doesn't have an internal monologue, if he speaks he says what he means. If he doesn't speak, it's because he knows better than to say what's on his mind. But he doesn't keep secrets, and he doesn't lie. Be aware that there is 500 years of alone in his brain. And if you can get through all the alone time, there's a big mental wall around his memories, put in place by the gods of his world. As Seiten Taisei, all you'll get is a sense of extreme power and a desire to kill.

Can I shapeshift/bodyswap/spit at/step on/etc?: Sure, Goku just rolls with the punches. I tend not to LOL him though, since he can be unpredictable.

Maim/Murder/Death: Sure, you can try, but he's scary and has scary friends, so think about the ICC first.

Cooking: Um so, boy can't make ramen, But he will eat anything.

Kissing/Hugging: He really doesn't stand still long enough for much physical contact, but he's not opposed to it.
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