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Stick a fork in me...

It's been hard for me to RP for a while now. I'm far more interested in modding than I am playing, and I think it's time for me to officially go on hiatus with the Nexus.
I'll wrap up any active threads I have, and I may turn up in meta, but otherwise don't expect to see most of my characters for some time.

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If you're interested in War, we're gathering here. Feel free to come by at anytime.


Attempted Sue Hunting fails miserably: News at 11.

OOC Song Meme

I'm feeling daring.

Give me a song lyric (one or two lines please, that's a lot more evocative than an entire song) and I will write you a drabble for a character YOU PLAY and I PLAY that goes with it. Even if they've never met!
((I'm going to be mostly off the internet for the next week, Sunday 10/7- Tuesday 10/16. So there are threads I'm unfortunatly forced to leave hanging. I'll get back to them when I'm home again. If there's anything I need to get to upon my return for any of my pups, please leave me a link here))
((So IM has decided it hates all of my established accounts: discokali, and monkeyneedsfood. No matter what host I attempt it boots me from chat. So going forward, I can be found as
"also known as DK"

Aug. 1st, 2007

I'm far to lazy to do proper cut text. Meme stolen from hypnosnake And I'm glad Goku has an actual canon, because if he were an OC, I'd so be accused of playing a Sue.

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